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Sleep Chests are ideal for small living spaces, adds extra sleeping capacity at the beach house, ski condo or makes a great addition to the home office. The sleep chest is built to be space saving furniture and designed to be the modern Murphy bed, it’s freestanding so it won’t need to be installed to a wall and can be easily moved. With our great styles and premium mattress Sleep chests will fit into any décor and give guests much better sleep than a sofa bed or roll away cot, and nobody will even know it’s a bed.

Sleep Chests are the ultimate sleeping solution for studio apartments, vacation condos, seniors who have down sized, or small rooms or home offices that can serve as a guest room. Valuable extra living space is gained when the sleep chest is closed. Enjoy the functionality of a regular bed, a murphy bed, and a credenza in a single item! The Sleep Chest cabinet easily transforms into a comfortable bed and is an affordable alternative to a Murphy Bed.

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